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Festival of street artists of Ragusa Ibla 2018

Ibla buskers 2018: the Festival of street artists of Ragusa Ibla

Sicily in autumn doesn’t stop surprising. It gives events and very special appointments, able to make the holiday really special. Events like Ibla buskers, the Festival of street artists of Ragusa Ibla: the 2018 edition, which will make your trip really special, will be held from 4 to 7 October.   The festival Ragusa is […]

  • Published: 24-09-2018
  • Category: Events
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why visiting Sicily

Why visiting Sicily: here are 7 reasons to organize the next trip

A land as old as it is beautiful. Which would not even need presentations. But you are asking yourself a simple question: why visiting Sicily? Here are the seven reasons why you should plan your next trip right away.   1. The beaches are beautiful Do you know the most beautiful beaches in Sicily? No? […]

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Floresta Ottobrando 2018

Floresta: taste and tradition of the 2018 edition of Ottobrando

Sicily in autumn becomes a land of surprising colors and, above all, of unique, unforgettable flavors, rich in tradition. If you are going to spend a little holiday, or even just a weekend, from the parts of Messina, know that, on the four Saturdays and the four Sundays of October 2018, Floresta will host the […]

  • Published: 17-09-2018
  • Category: Events
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Tindari what to see

Tindari: the most beautiful places to see in 1 day

Tindari is a small town, a treasure trove of artistic, historical and natural treasures. If the time at your disposal to visit it is only a day, you will need to make a selection: this is our proposal to embark to of Tindari knowing already what to see with certainty.   Tindari 5 things to […]

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Bronte pistachio festival 2018

Bronte pistachio festival 2018: the tastiest event of the year returns

Are you looking for a good reason to organize a trip to Sicily in autumn? We suggest a delicious one: Sagra del Pistacchio di Bronte 2018 edition, a highly anticipated event that this year will involve two weekends, that of 28-30 September and that of 5-7 October. A wonderful opportunity because it allows, not only […]

  • Published: 11-09-2018
  • Category: Events
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San Vito Lo Capo Climbing Festival 2018

San Vito Lo Capo Climbing Festival 2018: the outdoor sports festival

In October, the beautiful town of San Vito Lo Capo is preparing to host the San Vito Lo Capo Climbing Festival, 2018 edition, a sporting event much awaited by lovers of outdoor sports. There’s something for all tastes and attitudes: from climbing to mountain biking, from parkour to slackline, but the goal is unique: to […]

  • Published: 10-09-2018
  • Category: Events
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Sherbeth festival 2018

2018: the Sherbeth festival celebrates its tenth edition

What’s better than an ice cream, especially if we speak about artisanal ice cream? If you are a lover of this specialty and you have the opportunity to enjoy a little holiday (or even a weekend) in Sicily at the end of September, know that, in 2018, the Sherbeth – International Festival of homemade ice […]

  • Published: 5-09-2018
  • Category: Events
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