6 ideas for a beach holiday in Sicily: beaches for all tastes

beach holidays in Sicily

Longing for a beach holiday in Sicily. But it is the first time you visit this island and do not know where to go. The problem is solved: just following one of these six ideas.


1. The most beautiful beaches of Sicily

Your wish is to find yourself admiring a breathtaking sea, of those that are not easily forgotten, show the photos to friends and say “I was there”. The only way is to see the most beautiful beaches of Sicily: 10 unrivaled places.


2. The beaches for children

You’re planning a vacation with the whole family. The beaches have to be sandy, fairly long, with shallow water for several meters, easily accessible, equipped with all facilities. Of such places in Sicily there are many, especially in the surroundings of Catania and Palermo.


3. The beaches for snorkeling

The first things you put in your suitcase are the mask and the mouthpiece. Because for you there is no beach holiday without admiring the underwater world. In this case, you can choose from:

  • eastern Sicily beaches
  • western Sicily beaches

None of these beaches will disappoint you for sure.


4. The beaches for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing in Sicily is one of the reasons why every year hundreds of kitesurf passionate reach this island. You are among them, you want to experience the thrill of soaring with your “kite” on the waves of the sea of Sicily. In this case, the best spots are three:

  • the Strait of Messina
  • Stagnone
  • Mondello beach


5. Beaches with facilities

On the beach you want to be comfortable with all the services you could wish for. In other words your beaches must be equipped. The beaches with all the facilities are mainly two:

  • Playa Catania beach
  • Mondello beach in Palermo


6. The beaches of Favignana

Creeks and coves. Concentrate in just 33 kilometers of coastline. Wild places that will leave you speechless (as you can see in the picture). These are the beaches of the Favignana island.


Have you chose where to go for you beach holidays in Sicily? So now you just need to book the ferry trip.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/27683973@N08

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