Aegadian Islands, Sicily: how to choose? How to find the ideal island for you

Aegadian Islands Sicily


This is your situation: you’re spending a holiday in Northwestern Sicily, time is not enough to see them all but Aegadian Islands are really near and you’d like, at least, to see one of them. Well, now your question is: which to choose?

In this case, choose in not a piece of cake. Because the three main islands (Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo) are wonderful. To find the ideal destination for you, these are the things that you have to know.


1. Favignana

Favignana could be considered the most “complete” of the three islands. It has everything you may need: beautiful beaches, a sea rich in life and colours, small and picturesque villages, three castles that narrate an ancient past.

The three place to see in Favignana:

  • Cala rossa, one of the most beautiful Sicilia beaches;
  • forte di Santa Caterina, an ancient fortress built on a hill;
  • villa Florio, a Neo-Gothic building.


2. Marettimo

This island, in a sense, is “suspended” between nature and history. Nature is represented by sea, beaches, caves and dive sites. The history is represented by the castle of punta Troia and the archaeological site of Case Romane (literally, “Roman houses”).

Marettimo is especially recommended for hiking and excursions. The three places to visit are:

  • the wonderful Cala nera beach;
  • grotta del Cammello (maybe the most famous cave of the island);
  • the castle of punta Troia.


3. Levanzo

Levanzo is famous for one reason: its beaches. It is recommended if you want to spend one or two days comfortably lying on unforgettable shores.

The three beaches of Levanzo to see are:

  • Cala fredda
  • cala Tramontana
  • cala Faraglione


Have you chosen your favourite island? Now, you only need to know how to get to Aegadian Islands from Trapani.


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