Vacation to Aeolian Islands: when to go and things to do

Aeolian Islands when to go

They are called The Seven Sisters. Seven splendid jewels that rise from the waters of the Mediterranean sea, near the northern coast of Sicily. Destination desired every year by hundreds of travellers, now you want to know when to go to Aeolian Islands and find the best conditions for your vacation.


The best time

Officially, the tourist season on Aeolian Islands begins on June 1 and ends on August 31. In general, the best time to visit the Seven Sisters is from early April to late September. But you have to consider two things:

  • Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Aeolian islands. But you know that you will not be the only one who desires them: Summer is also the most crowded season.
  • Spring and early Autumn are the seasons recommended for hikers: the islands are not crowded and the temperatures are pleasant but not sultry, ideal conditions to discover the breathtaking nature of these small islands.


Which one to visit?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. All the seven sisters would be to see but often the time on vacation is not enough. Each of the Aeolian islands is suitable for a different kind of holiday. Precisely:

  • Lipari and Salina: beaches and relaxation
  • Vulcano and Stromboli: hiking and excursions
  • Panarea: romantic vacation or vacation with family
  • Alicudi e Filicudi: wild nature


How to get there

Have you chosen when to go to Aeolian Island? In this case, you just have to book the trip. And now you need to know how to reach these islands. In order to get there, you can:


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