Aeolian Islands: a list of 5 things t do if you are visiting the seven sisters

aeolian-things-to-doThe seven pearls of Mediterranean Sea are waiting for you. Discovering of Aeolian Island:  you will fascinate by their splendor. They were nominated “Human Heritage” from UNESCO, for their beauty and for the volcanic phenomena that characterized them. Wild beauty and untouched nature: Lipari, Stromboli, Panarea, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi e Filicudi are the seven sisters all to discover.

We suggest you 5 things to do in Aeolian.


  1. Stage in Lipari  – This is the main stop during your trip in Aeolian. There are many things to do in Vittorio Emanuele Street, the most animated street of Lipari: bars, small shops and restaurants where you can taste all tastes of Sicilian land. Even the natural sources are very famous: the black of obsidian and the white of pumice stone meet and make surreal these places.
  2. Visit at the Lipari Castle – Historical, cultural and artistic landmark, the Lipari Castle deserves a visit and then you have to add to the list of things to do in Aeolian Islands. It’s one of the natural fortresses which controls on the Marina Corta and Marina Lunga Harbors, the two dockings of island. Here you can find the Saint Bartolomeo Cathedral and Archeological Aeolian Museum that has a collection of remains among the most comprehensive in Europe, and there is even the Archeological Park and the Cloister of the Monastery Norman.
  3. Malvasia Tasting in Salina – It’s a fortified wine, amber colour. If you love to discover the tastes of the places you visit, for sure this tasting is one thing to do. Malvasia is a typical product of the Aeolian  and you can taste it lulled by the tranquility of the place and cheered from the stories of those who produce it.
  4. Climbing on Stromboli – It’s iddu, him. With this name the islanders called the wild and majestic Stromboli, the volcano to climb. If you want to live intensive emotions, the explosive  nature of this place it will satisfy. In the night then, because of soft lighting you can admire the sicilian sky full of stars.
  5. Boat ride in Filicudi – Visiting the cave of Bue Marino is one of things to do if you will visit the Aeolian Islands in summer. The caves are a peculiarity of Sicily and this is the most big and suggestive of Aeolian coast. Here you will find a iridescent sea thanks to game of lights that give to the water various colour shades.

We suggested a list of things to do. Now you can plan your excursions, booking the ferries to the Aeolian Islands.


Image source: Pixabay

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