Catania: the black beach of San Giovanni li Cuti

San Giovanni li Cuti beachSome of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily are sandy, and a white color so as to appear white. But not all. And especially not those that overlook the sea of Catania. One example is San Giovanni li Cuti with its now famous black beach.

Black because of its volcanic origin, like many of the beaches opening on the coast of Etna. The access to the beach, located between the port with the same name and some neighboring shores, cross through lava rock. In summer the black beach of San Giovanni Li Cuti is equipped with a whole range of services: dressing rooms, bathrooms, showers, steps and walkways.

The view is spectacular: in a clear day (and since you’re in Sicily, we are talking about the whole summer) with the sight you can reach up to Aci Castello. For more fun-loving, near the black beach you will find bars and cafes of different types that, especially in summer, are always very popular.

The black beach of San Giovanni Li Cuti is located on Via San Giovanni li Cuti, a short distance from the central station of Catania, and is therefore easily accessible. One additional advantage of this beach is to be very quiet, certainly quieter then an always busy beach such as the nearby la Playa.


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