Holiday, sea and relaxation: the 5 most beautiful beaches on Lipari

Lipari beaches

You have chosen between Egadi Island and Aeolian Islands. In particular, you have chosen the destination of the next holiday: Lipari. Since you want to spend some days dedicated solely to relaxation, sun and sea, these are the five most beautiful beaches on Lipari.


1. Spiaggia Bianca

For hundreds of visitors, the White Beach is the most beautiful beach on Lipari and is among the most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands. It is located along the east coast, easy to reach from the town of Lipari. It’s a pumice beach touched by a wonderful turquoise sea.


2. Spiaggia di Canneto

Another beach not far from the town of Lipari, about three kilometres. Once there, a gravel and sand beach, enclosed in a small bay touched by a turquoise sea, will welcome you. Several services are available on the beach. Spiaggia di Canneto is suitable both for a vacation with family and diving.


3. Spiaggia Acquacalda

The village of Acquacalda is located along the northern coast. Acquacalda Beach is overlooked by a majestic white mountain. The landscape is wild: it’s a recommended destination for those who want to feel far away from modernity.


4. Spiaggia Valle Muria

It is located on the western side of the island. Along with Spiaggia Bianca, it’s one of the two contenders for the title of most beautiful beaches of the island. Valle Muria Beach is “protected” by two rocky promontories. The sand is dark and the scenery is enriched by the presence of Pietra Lunga sea stack and Pietra Menalda sea stack.

From the beach, it’s possible to see Vulcano Island. Valle Muria beach can be reach by boat trip from Marina Corta.


5. Spiaggia Praia di Vinci

It is located near punta Crepazza, at the southern end of the island. Reachable only by boat, it is one of the few sandy beaches on the island. And it is an unspoiled and charming paradise by the sea. Along this stretch of coastline, there are several inlets and bays. If Canneto Beach is recommended for scuba diving, Praia di Vinci is recommended for snorkelers.


And, among the most beautiful beaches on Lipari, there are Spiaggia Papesca, along the north-east coast, and Spiaggia Porticello, near the town of Lipari.


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