Botero exhibition 2015 in Palermo: a virtual trip [VIDEO]

  • Published: 13-04-2015
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Botero exhibition 2015

The exhibition has begun on March 21 and was, literally, an announced success. In the first weekend, more than two thousand people have visited Via Crucis – La Pasion de Cristo of Fernando Botero. Set in Palazzo dei Normanni in Palermo (where the Palatine Chapel is, one of the most beautiful places in Sicily), the exhibition is open until June 21, 2015.

You still have two months to admire about thirty oil paintings and seventeen drawings of the Colombian master. The subject of the works is one of the most significant moments of Jesus Christ’s life: the Passion. These small masterpieces represent a turning point in the artistic journey of Botero: drama became the subject of Colombian master works for the first time.

Opening times of the exhibition:

  • from Monday to Thursday: from 8:15am to 5:40pm
  • from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays: from 8:15am to 9pm

Ticket prices:

  • full price ticket: 6 euro
  • reduced price ticket: 3 euro

For more information about Botero exhibition 2015 in Palermo, visit the official website of the event, And if you’d like to have “a taste” of the exhibition, you can watch this video:


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