The best places in Sicily to do canyoning

canyoning in Sicily

You love sport, but with adrenaline and adventure. Even better if it’s practiced in the wild and untouched nature. This is why you love canyoning, and why you want to know what are the best places in Sicily to practice this extreme sport.


What is canyoning

For those who don’t know, canyoning consists in descending narrow gorges or canyon which are crossed by water streams. It’s often confused with other kind of water sports like rafting, kayak, hydrospeed or canoeing. The main difference between those sports and canyoning is that the torrent is crossed on foot: it doesn’t matter whether you walk, swim or get carried by the stream.


The best places in Sicily to do canyoning

If you’re not beginners, you should already know where they are. Anyway, these are the five best places:

·         Gole dell’Alcantara (you can reach it from Messina and Catania)

·         Anapo and Cassibile flumes (Syracuse)

·         Stretta dei Longi (in Nebrodi park)

·         Gole di Tiberio (in Madonie park)

·         Valle del Sosio (between Palermo and Agrigento)


Useful information…

Before you plan your Sicily holidays to do canyoning, you should keep in mind some recommendations:

·         Never overestimate your physical conditions

·         If you’re beginners, you’d better consult a guide or an expert sportsman

·         Check that your equipment is in good conditions

·         Ask your doctor’s advice before doing canyoning


… and here’s a video just to show you what is waiting for you


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