The beach of Capo Rama: white cliffs and uncontaminated sea

Capo Rama beachIt is a small heaven of peace, tranquility and uncontaminated nature. It’s not a coincidence if this place is considered one of the most beautiful beaches near Palermo. Capo Rama beach isn’t easy to reach but it’s really unforgettable. A so precious place to be protected  in the homonymous Natural Reserve.

The beach – It is, in substance, a white cliff overlooking the sea. Nearby there is the tower of Capo Rama, that stands above the beach (it’s possible di see wonderful panoramas from the tower). In addition to this, there are several caves to visit, such as Grotta Grande and Grotta dei Palombi. The sea gives you intense blue and green nuances, and a seabed populated by fishes and corals.

Services – Considering that it’s an uncontaminated place, there aren’t available service on Capo Rama beach. For this reason, it’s not a recommended place if you are spending a holiday in Sardinia with children.

How to get there – Considering that it’s a high cliff overlooking the sea, Capo Rama beach is not easy to reach. The best way to get there is via sea, renting a boat. Capo Rama Natural Reserve entry is in Contrada Agliandroni, near Terrasini. To get toTerrasini, it is recommended to have a car or a motorcycle, carried on a ferry boat.


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