Carnival 2016 in Sicily: the 5 most important events of the island

  • Published: 18-01-2016
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Carnival of Sicily

In Sicily, Carnival is not a joke. Because, beyond its goliardic origins, it’s a very ancient and unmissable event. Especially these 5, among the most important of the island.


1. The Carnival of Acireale

The Carnival of Acireale has very ancient origins: it dates back to the feast of the patron saint San Sebastiano in the Seventeenth century, during Aragonese domination. Every year, Carnival of Acireale is enlivened by floats, folk groups, music.


2. The Carnival of Termini Imerese

The real, undisputed guest star of the Carnival of Termini Imerese is Nannu: a giant mask that on Mardi Gras is burned at the stake. And it is just one of the scheduled events.


3. The Carnival of Valle dell’Alcantara

It takes place every year in Francavilla di Sicilia, in the province of Messina, near the famous and evocative Alcantara Gorges. Songs, dances and parades of floats involve the whole population. The mask of Sua Maestà (“His Majesty”) is brought along the streets of Francavilla di Sicilia and, at night, buried.


4. The Carnival of Corleone

Riavulicchio (literally “small Devil”) is the symbol of the Carnival of Corleone, near Palermo. It fell into disuse for several years, today it’s one of the most awaited event during winter in Sicily. The most important moments of this Carnival are  the burning of Nannu and the float parade.


5. The Carnival of Sciacca

It is, probably, one of the most famous Sicilian events. The Carnival of Sciacca, in the province of Agrigento, dates back to 1800. Today, after several years of oblivion, the Carnival is an event that attracts hundreds of tourists and its spirit is well represented by the sumptuousness of the floats.


For further information about these 5 events that take place during Carnival 2016 in Sicily, you can visit the official website of each municipality.


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