Carnival 2017 in Sicily: the float parade of the Carnevale delle Madonie

  • Published: 6-02-2017
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Carnival 2017 in Sicily: the Carnevale delle Madonie


There are many events that enliven the Carnival 2017 in Sicily. Events full of colours and fun that have become, over the years, unmissable appointments. Such as the 2017 edition of the Carnevale delle Madonie, that will take place in the municipality of Castellana Sicula.


The float parade

It is the real heart of the event. Every year, during Carnival, streets and squares of the old town centre of Castellana Sicula are crossed by a colourful and noisy parade of floats and masks. Such as the masks of Topo Gigio and Re Carnevale, the protagonists of the first edition of this Carnival, in 1962.

In addition to the parade, there will also be activities for children, exhibitions and performances.


The Madonie park

Castellana Sicula is located near the Madonie park. Since the parade (usually) takes place on Sunday, Saturday becomes an opportunity to visit this real naturalistic jewel of Sicily: in fact, the Madonie park, with its almost 40 thousand hectares, has much to offer in terms of excursions and activities in the nature.


The date

The official date of Carnevale delle Madonie is to be confirmed. However, the event should take place on February 26th, Sunday.


How to get there

To get Castellana Sicula from Palermo (one of the main port where ferries to Sicily dock):

  • Take the E90 motorway towards Messina;
  • Take the Buonfornello exit;
  • Take the A19 motorway towards south;
  • Take the Tremonzelli exit;
  • Take the state highway 120 and follow the road signs to Castellana Sicula.

The journey by car takes about one hour and twenty minutes.


Further information

For further information about the 2017 edition of Carnevale delle Madonie (official date, complete programme, any changes), you can visit Castellana Sicula municipality official website,


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