The castle of Adrano: a thousand-years history to discover

castles of Sicily: castello di Adrano

It’s thousand-year old. It is in an area of Sicily that has always been the scene of battles and rivalries. This is where the castle of Adrano was built, new stage on the tour to discover the castles of Sicily.


The history

  • The castle of Adrano was built in 1072 by Roger I of Sicily, who wanted to erect a fortified outpost to conquer the city of Catania. The castle of Adrano was connected to the castles of Paternò and Motta.
  • Probably, the castle of Adrano was built on the remains of an ancient Saracen tower: proof is the style of the two doors of the ground floor.
  • After the Norman period, the castle became property of some of the richest and most powerful Sicilian families, such as Moncada, Peralta and Sclafani.
  • Since 1959, the castle houses the Museo archeologico etneo (an archeological museum).


The castle

The tower is rectangular. In the castle there are various traces of Islamic-style architecture, such as the pointed arches. For the rest, the technique with which it was made is typically Norman.


Hot to get there

From Catania, take the state highway 121 to Paternò and, from Paternò, take che state highway 284 and follow the road signs to Adrano. The journey by car takes 45 minutes.


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