Castles of Sicily: the journey starts with the castle of Erice

erice castle

Start from Palermo, better if in the early morning. From the sea, go upper, until you can almost touch the clouds. Until you live the splendor of Middle Ages that left in this side of Sicily memories made of stone. As the Normandy castle of Erice, in the province of Trapani. Here starts the journey to discover the castles of Sicily.

Erice is an ancient hamlet with Phoenician origins. It’s not a case that it’s one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. It’s on the top of San Giuliano mount, in front of the wonderful sea of Trapani. It’s protected by a triangular boundary wall line. The castle, that dates back to XII-XIII century, it’s one the south vertex.

And here the time seems to have stopped, when dames and cavaliers walked along the courtyards and the corridors. In the Roman Era there was a temple dedicated to Venus, goddess of love and fertility. In the Normandy era, a fortress was built, protected by the towers of Balio.

The castle had a defensive purpose. As demonstrates the “piombatoio” (an embrasure from which they threw inflammable liquids or stones on the enemies) that is on the front door. Front door which is enriched by the emblem of Carlo V of Spain and by a mullioned window (a window divided by two arches that are on top of a little column).

In the rooms of the castle of Erice you’ll feel an ancient atmosphere. Then you’ll reach the panoramic viewpoint. And your sight will admire a unique panorama: Trapani and the Egadi islands to the west, the towers to north, and the coast with Bonagia, Cofano mount, Ustica.


Next stage: castle of Carini


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