Between sea and aristocratic style: this is the castle of Falconara

Castles of Sicily: the castle of Falconara

In few words, the castle of Falconara could be descrive as the place where the the beauty of noble architecture meets the charm of sea and Sicilian coast: here the next stop of the tour to discover the castles of Sicily.



  • Originally , the castle of Falconara was a tower . A tower that was granted to Santapau of Butera in 1362.
  • When the tower passed to Branciforti family, it became a real castle as appears nowadays.
  • In the last two centuries , the castle was renovated several times and expanded its area . In particular, the German count George Wilding, fascinated by beauty of the place, in the early nineteenth century added a big part and a terrace overlooking the sea.
  • When the castle became , later , a possession of Chiaramonte – Bordonaro family ì, a new wing was added and the entire complex became a luxurious stately home.


The castle

The castle is, actually, a kind of framework. It offers a glimpse of what was the mysterious and exotic life of the nobility of the past. The castle of Falconara is a succession of rooms and halls richly decorated; it conserves also houses paintings, old furniture, fine ceramics, hunting trophies.


How to get there

The castle of Falconara is located along the southern coast of Sicily , between Gela ( in Caltanissetta’s province) and Licata ( Agrigento’s province) , situated in a magnificent place. To reach the castle, from Gela or from Licata you have just to take the highway 115 and follow the road signs to the castle of Falconara. In both cases , the journey by car takes about 20 minutes.


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