Forte Vittoria: an idea if you’re spending a vacation to Catania

castles of Sicily tour: forte Vittoria

You’re spending a vacation to Catania. And you’d like to give your trip a touch of culture. Visiting a special, charming and easy-to-reach place. A place such as forte Vittoria, new stage of the tour to discover the castles of Sicily.


The history

  • The castle was built in 1300 by Frederick II of Swabia. The fort was built around a pre-existing Roman tower.
  • According to a legend, Frederick II took refuge here due to a terrible storm. He was fascinated by the place, for its beauty and for its strategic location. He vowed to build a fortress.
  • During its history, the structure of the castle changed many times.
  • García Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, viceroy of Sicily, ordered to built four massive bastions to defend the fort: the four bastions were called San Filippo, San Giacomo, San Bartolomeo and Vigliena.
  • Until 1950, the fort was used by Navy.


The castle

Forte Vittoria is a square-plan building with four massive corner towers. Its shape resembles military barracks (in fact, as mentioned above, it was used by the Navy). Even today, you can see the ancient Roman tower in the middle of the fort.


How to get there

Forte Vittoria is in the municipality of Augusta, in the province of Syracuse. The main tourist port nearby is Catania. To get there from Catania, take the state highway 114 towards south and follow the road signs to Augusta. The journey by car takes 50 minutes.


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Image source: Di Salvo Marturana from Augusta, Italia – Augusta panorama #2, CC BY 2.0

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