The 5 castles of Southern Sicily: an itinerary between history and charm

castles of south Sicily

Sicily is an ancient land. A land rich of the charm of history, of art and culture. The castles are one of many testimonies. And to discover a part of this charm, we suggest you an itinerary to discover five castles of Southern Sicily.

  1. Spanish Fort of Portopalo of Capo Passero. One of the most important fortifications on the island is ideally located at the meeting point between Eastern Sicily and Southern Sicily. The strong spanish of Portopalo of Capo Passero (square plan presumably built between the 12th and 13th centuries) rises on a low plateau overlooking a lovely sea.
  2. Donnafugata Castle. It’s a sumptuous stately building, very large and fortified, which is generally referred to as a castle. Built relatively recently (around the middle of the 17th century), the facade is the most characteristic element, an authentic melting pot of different architectural styles (from Gothic to Venetian Late Renaissance) that marry to perfection.
  3. Falconara Castle. You will find yourself admiring an authentic architectural masterpiece. A masterpiece composed of a succession of rooms and salons richly decorated and built on a low promontory that almost seems to dive into the sea. A show that is not forgotten easily.
  4. Castle of Naro. A castle whose charm lies in the legend, although it was officially built in the 14th century by the Chiaramonte family. The castle of Naro, now used as a museum, is a massive irregularly shaped fort.
  5. Racalmuto Castle. This castles has Norman origins, the castle of Racalmuto is one of the greatest examples of military architecture of the Swabian period. Declared a national monument at the beginning of the twentieth century, it’s a trapezoidal plant with circular turrets.

Now, how do you do this tour? We only have to do two things: organize a small holiday, even off season, and book in time a seat on one of ferries to Sicily.


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