Catania Jazz Festival 2017: with music from January to April

  • Published: 19-01-2017
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Catania jazz festival 2017


From over thirty years, the Catania Jazz Festival brought, under the Etna, the best of the international music jazz, with contaminations of the new age and the oriental music. Even in 2017 it will be like so: there are eight dates considered unmissable events for all passionates of this kind of music.


The programme:

  1. 2017 January 23-25: Omar Sosa and Gustavo Ovalles;
  2. 2017 February 6-8: Lorenzo Tucci “Sparkle“ Trio meets Daniele Scannapieco;
  3. 2017 February 15: Kyle Eastwood Band;
  4. 2017 March 7-9: Kinga Glyk Trio;
  5. 2017 March 16: John Scofield “Country For Old Men”;
  6. 2017 March 27-29: The Tiptons Sax Quartet and Drums;
  7. 2017 April 3-5: Banda Magda;
  8. 2017 April 19: Jazz Jamaica Orchestra.


Discover Catania

From January to April, if your holiday in Sicily will take place in one of these months, you will always have a wonderful opportunity to listen to some good jazz music. And talking about good opportunities, remember that the different events of the Catania Jazz Festival will be held in one of the most charming cities of Sicily.

  • This itinerary will allow you to discover the most beautiful ten places of Catania, like Duomo Square, the Playa and the Ursino Castle.
  • After you visited the city, there are the surroundings to discover: it takes a little to get  to places like the Etna, Acitrezza and Taormina.


What to eat

Your holiday is not complete without the local food. Considering that we’re talking about Catania, among the things you have to taste, there are (in the free time between a concert and another) even the “pasta alla Norma”, the famous caponata and the delicious arancini.


Further information

For further information about the awaited Catania Jazz Film Festival – Edition 2017 (any changes of the dates or the program, tickets, where the concerts will take place), you can visit the official website of the event,


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