Hot to get cheap ferries to Sicily? You should do these 3 things

cheap ferries to Sicily

If you are wondering where to go on vacation in Sicily, you’ll be spoiled for choice. You’ve decided to enjoy this trip in Summer because you want to see the wonderful beaches and sea of the island. But now your problem is: how to find cheap ferries to Sicily?


1. Book in advance

This is the most important “secret” to buy cheap ferry to Sicily tickets. Booking in advance, at least a couple of months if your vacation will be during high season, you can buy the lowest price tickets. And there is also another reason to book in advance: the several offers of the numerous ferry operators.


2. The Sicilian cities

There are some places in Sicily that, literally, are very, very, very crowded during high season: we’re talking about the most famous towns by the sea and islands, such as Taormina, Egadi Islands and Aeolian Islands. To get to this place, the tickets are quite expensive.

But, even in this case, there is a good solution: choose to visit the less crowded places such as the cities of Catania and Messina. These cities are located in a “strategic position”, from which you can easily get to the most beautiful beaches.


3. Spring and Autumns

Not only in Summer: Sicily is beautiful to see throughout the year, from Autumn to Spring. In these months, it is much easier to find the cheap ferry tickets. And see the most beautiful things that Sicily offers its visitors, from beaches to monuments.


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