Sicily: 3 ideas to spend a very special Christmas 2016

  • Published: 28-11-2016
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Christmas 2016 in Sicily


Christmas is forthcoming and you want to satisfy your wanderlust. Since you are planning to spend Christmas 2016 in Sicily, there are three ideas that will allow you to enjoy a really special vacation.


Idea #1: the spas

The Christmas holidays are, well, holidays. This means that you could relax, far away from stress and daily rut, and restore body and mind. If this is what you want, Sicily can accommodate you.

Because this island is famous (also) for its spas. In particular, the recommended destinations are these tree:

  • Acireale;
  • Sciacca;
  • Vigliatore.

After a couple of days in one of these spas, you will feel very, very good.


Idea #2: the traditions

There is no Christmas without traditions: nativity scenes, sweets, lights, flavours, fragrances, coloured stalls and melodies of bagpipers. You can find this (and more) in two events that take place every year in Sicily:

Two events for a very traditional Christmas.


Idea #3: the cities

The Sicilian cities to visit at least once in your life are really, really several. But the time for a vacation is limited and you have to use it in the best way. During Christmas 2016, the recommended cities to visit are two:

In both cities, you will find everything you could wish for during a holiday in this beautiful island.


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