Cave di Cusa: the trip in the Sicily to discover continues

Sicily to know cusa’s quarries

The trip in the Sicily to know continues, destinations far away from the traditional touristic places. Did you like the enchanted Garden? This destination is as beautiful as it: they’re Cave di Cusa.


Cusa’s quarries

Selinunte’s temple is one of the most famous and beautiful place in Sicily. But it wasn’t built by itself. The limestone rocks, which the columns of Selinunte’s temple are made of, come from Cusa’s quarries. A place that keeps the appeal of his ancient past.

You can walk between the incomplete columns which wait to be moved in Selinunte for centuries. It’s like doing a trip in a sort of “fabric” of V-III century b.C.


How to reach them

Cusa’s quarries are in the municipality of Campobello di Mazzara, in the province of Trapani, about 13 kilometers far from the ancient city of Selinunte. Starting from Trapani or Palermo, take the A29 motorway to Mazara del Vallo, then follow the road signs to Campobello di Mazara. Once you arrive there, follow the road signs to Cusa’s quarries.

It takes about 1 hour and half to reach them, both from Palermo or Trapani.


More information

If you want more information about Cusa’s quarries, you can visit the official site of the Authority of Cultural and Environmental Heritage.


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