Christmas 2017 in Custonaci: all the magic of the living nativity

  • Published: 9-11-2017
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presepe vivente Custonaci 2017

In this photo, you can see the Mangiapane Cave. A place that, by itself, is particularly impressive. And here is one of the most felt events of Christmas in Sicily: we are talking about the living nativity of Custonaci, which in 2017/18 will be held on 25-26-29-30 December and 5-6-7 January.


The Nativity

Since 1983, the Custonaci living nativity has been held every year. Considered one of the most important events of territorial and cultural enhancement, it has become famous over the years for the magic of representation.


How to get

Custonaci is a municipality in the province of Trapani. It can be easily reached also from Palermo, one of the main ports where the ferries to Sicily dock.

  • Take the E90 westwards.
  • Get off at Castellammare del Golfo.
  • Take the state road 187 and then the provincial road 16, following the signs for Custonaci.

The car journey takes about an hour and a half.


What to see

To bring you here was the desire to live the Christmas atmosphere during a very special and felt appointment. Now, we advise you to take some time to discover a common and an area that have so much to give to all visitors.

  • The sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary (an imposing structure dating back to the end of 1400), the Mangiapane cave (an ancient prehistoric settlement that you visit for the living nativity) and the marble quarries are some of the most characteristic places.
  • Custonaci stands on the slopes of Mount Cofano. The homonym natural reserve is an authentic jewel that combines nature and archeology, a treasure that can be discovered simply by walking.
  • At a short distance from Custonaci there is San Vito Lo Capo: both the town and its surroundings are all to be discovered and, having seen its beach, you have also found a great idea for next summer.


More information

For more information about the 2017 Custonaci Living nativity (Full Program, Date Changes, How to Participate, Where and How to Stay), you can consult the official site of the event,


Image source: Di tato grasso – Opera propria (personal work), CC BY-SA 3.0,

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