The decorated staircase of Caltagirone: the 2016 edition of la Scala Infiorata

  • Published: 3-05-2016
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Caltagirone: decorated staircase 2016

Between the middle of May and the first days of June, it’s now one of the most awaited events, a sort of little tradition. And even in 2016, from May 12 to June 6, the Scala Infiorata will offer everyone the unique spectacle of the decorated staircase of Caltagirone.


The Scala Infiorata

On the occasion of this event, the staircase of Santa Maria del Monte (which you can see in the picture) will be decorated with different colours plants and flowers in honour of Madonna di Conadomini. The feast of Madonna di Conadomini, which ends on May 31, will be a moment of folklore and tradition.


The other events

Scala Infiorata is only one of the event scheduled for Primavera 2016 in Caltagirone. Other important events are Momenti musicali (music performances), Fiera del fumetto e dell’animazione (comics and animation festival) and Buongiorno ceramica (pottery workshop).



If you need good ideas for excursions during a holiday in Catania, Caltagirone is a place to visit. In particular, you should see:

  • The old town centre
  • Via Roma
  • The cathedral
  • The monumental cemetery
  • The archaeological sites of Sant’Ippolito and of monte San Mauro


How to get there

It’s easy to reach Caltagirone from Catania:

  • Take the state highway 192
  • Follow the road signs to Gela/Caltagirone and ake the state highway 417
  • Follow the road signs to Caltagirone/Santa Maria di Ganzaria
  • Take the state highway 124 and follow the road signs to Caltagirone

The journey by car takes about one hour.


Further information

For further information about Scala Infiorata 2016 in Caltagirone, you can visit Caltagirone municipality official website,


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