Holidays in Sicily: 6 touristic itineraries to discover the city of Catania

Catania to discover

You think you’ll visit a single city. In reality, you’ll see many. Because many are the souls of this city. To be precise, we identified 6. As 6 are the touristic itineraries to discover Catania, one of the most beautiful city to visit during your holidays in Sicily.


1. Baroque Catania

Buildings, houses, churches and cathedrals that now are hidden in a maze of alleyways, now are in the middle of wonderful squares. Catania is a city with a Baroque soul. The stages to discover this soul of the city are the Sant’Agata’s cathedral, badia of Sant’Agata, Fontana dell’elefante, San Benedetto’s church, Palazzo degli elefanti, palazzo Biscari, palazzo del Toscano.


2. Subterranean Catania

This city is often associated to the sun, the sky and the sea. But there’s another city, hidden, secret, concealed in the underground. The stages to discover the subterranean Catania are the amphitheater, the necropolis, the cemetery complex, the thermal complex and the underground rivers.


3. Medieval Catania

An ancient castle founded by Federico II of Svevia. An incredible cathedral. A chapel built between the VI and the IX century b.C. And there are also other places to see, like portals and churches. This is the medieval Catania.


4. To see in a day

If you’re not going to spend much time in Catania, this itinerary will guide you to see Catania in one day: the stages are Duomo square, the historic center, Ursino castle, Bellini garden, Etnea street.


5. Surroundings of the city

If Catania is beautiful to see, surroundings are no less. In the province of the city there are Etna, Acitrezza, Aci Castello, Caltagirone. Four places that combine the charm of history and the suggestion of nature.


6. And finally there’s the sea

The first name that comes to mind is the Playa, the most famous beaches of Catania, a long coast with full facilities and easy to reach. And then there are several other places to discover: Parola, the Isola Bella beach (in the province of Messina), and Acitrezza beaches.


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