Discover Sicily #1: the journey begins with Giardino Incantato

discover Sicily: the Giardino incantato

You know which are the most beautiful places in Sicily. But this region still has much more to offer. It is a land to explore, with several less-known and even more precious places. And this journey along the Sicily to discover begins with a unique place: it’s Giardino Incantato (literally “enchanted garden”), near the town of Sciacca.


Discover the “enchanted garden”

It is overlooked by the imposing and austere bulk of Mount Kronio. And its charm consist of the presence of numerous tuff sculptures depicting faces. Today the Giardino Incantato is a path in nature and art that allows visitors to admire these precious works of art.

The author is “Fulippu u’ pazzo” or “chiddu di li testi”: that’s how Filippo Bentivegna was (more or less) affectionately called by his fellow countrymen of Sciacca. A character that deserves a small introduction. Returned back to Sciacca after years of hard work in the United States, he bought a small farm and spent his life “pulling out the heads from the stones” (fellow countrymen described Bentivegna work with these words).


Opening times

The “Enchanted Garden” of Sciacca is open every day (it’s closed only on Mondays). Visiting hours: 9:30am, 1pm, 4:30pm, 8pm.


How to get there

The Giardino Incantato is few kilometers from Sciacca, on Sicily southern coast. To get there, take via Enrico Ghezzi, the road to the garden can be found on the left. To reach Sciacca from Palermo, you must first take the state highway 624, then the state highway 188.

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