Easter 2017 in Catania: 3 events to discover the Sicilian tradition

  • Published: 13-03-2017
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Easter 2017 in Catania


It’s the largest Italian island. And it’s rich in nature: beautiful sea, mountains, and hills. Sicily is a land that can offer its visitors unique sceneries. And the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea awaits you with its stunning panoramas even during Easter 2017.

If you are planning your holidays, Sicily is ready to welcome you with history, culture, art and tradition. In particular, Catania will give one of the most anticipated celebrations of this Easter 2017: the festa di San Gregorio Magno, that will take place in San Gregorio di Catania municipality.


Easter 2017

During Easter 2017, tourists visiting Catania can discover one of the most anticipated celebrations of Holy Week. The the celebration of the patron saint San Gregorio takes place on Easter Monday in San Gregorio di Catania. Among the events related, there are: Easter eggs, tastings of typical dishes and entertainment.


The celebrations

You’ll be in the middle of a two-days event.

  1. La Fiera del lunedì di Pasqua – Fera o luni: the first edition of this appointment took place more than three thousand years ago. The main protagonists are the Sicilian farmers who arrive in Catania to sell their products.
  2. La Sagra “Le delizie in Sicilia”: this year, it will be the 14th editions of the exhibition-market of typical local products. The feast of delights offers a tasting of olives, lupini beans, typical Sicilian cheeses and, of course, the Easter Eggs.
  3. La “Parata storica dei Paternò”: it is a real historical re-enhancement in honour of the patron saint. It is held in the village of San Gregorio. It’s the historic ride and knight game of Paterno, the ancient medieval family that resided in the territory. It follows the parade of ladies, dukes, jugglers and flag bearers. The evening ended with the launch of flowers and fireworks.


And so, what are you waiting for? It’s time to book a ferry to Sicily and enjoy Easter 2017 in San Gregorio di Catania.

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