Easter 2017 in Sicily: 3 ideas for a holiday dedicated to relaxation, culture and tradition

Easter 2017 in Sicily


Easter 2017 is forthcoming. And your desire is to spend a holiday on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands: it’s Sicily. Now, you only need a couple of good ideas to start planning the journey.

Ideas such as these three.


1. Easter dedicated to traditions

The Holy Week 2017 in Palermo will last from April 9th (Palm Sunday) to April 17th (Easter Monday). In these days, the tradition and the devotion of the people of Palermo reach their peak. It will be possible to admire real and very ancient rites.

In particular, the most important days of the Holy Week in Palermo are:

  • Palm Sunday
  • Holy Wednesday
  • Holy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Holy Saturday
  • Easter
  • Easter Monday


2. Easter dedicated to culture

During this short trip to Sicily, you could discover how ancient, deep and, of course, wonderful is the history of this island. That was, for centuries, a colony of the ancient Greece. There are, in fact, four archaeological sites that, depending on the days of the holidy, you should visit. We are talking about:

  • Valle dei Templi
  • Mozia
  • Segesta
  • Selinunte

Four archaeological sites that will leave you speechless.


3. Easter dedicated to relaxation

Holiday, for you, must necessarily be synonym of relaxation. Do you want to spend a couple of days far away from the daily rut, from stress, from the tasks of work and/or study? Sicily, in this case, has what you need.

Because this island is famous also for its spas. Three, to be precise:

  • Acireale
  • Sciacca
  • Vigliatore

To restore body and mind.


These three ideas to spend Easter 2017 in Sicily are very different but have one thing in common: have you booked the ferry trip?


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/antonellaprof

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