Egadi where to go: suggestions about what isle to choose

egadi where to go what to choose

Are you spending your summer holidays in Palermo, or, in general, along the western coast of Sicily? And now you want to do an excursion to Egadi isles, and maybe spend some days on one of these. But you don’t know where to go.

The archipelago is composed by three principal isles, plus two small isles and different cliffs and sea stacks. We will analyze the three principal isles. Each one is recommended for a different kind of holiday.


1. Levanzo

The smallest of the archipelago and it’s near Favignana. There’s just one street that crosses it from north to south. There are different paths along the coast and in the hinterland. The most beautiful point of the isle is Grotta del Genovese, reachable both via sea and via road.

This cave is a really important historic site: its walls are decorated with cave arts that represent cattle, deer, fishes, horses and human figures. Along the coast there are different inlets with a crystal clear sea: some examples, Cala Tramontana, Cala Calcara, Cala Nucidda and Cala Fredda.


2. Marettimo

It’s the most mountainous and wild isle of the archipelago. Marettimo is recommended for all the trekking lovers. The Roman houses, Falcone mount, punta Bassana and punta Libeccio are just some of the most beautiful excursions that you can do.

Obviously, without forgetting the sea. The coast of Marettimo is a succession of little coves, caverns and bays, like Grotta del Cammello, Grotta della Pipa, Grotta delle Sirene, Grotta Perciata. The suggestion is to reach this places by boat.


3. Favignana

It’s the most famous isle of Egadi. And it’s recommended for the ones who think holiday is synonym for beach, because here there are unforgettable pieces of coast: like Cala del Pozzo, the famous Cala Rossa, Cala Azzurra, lido Burrone, Cala Rotonda and Cala Grande.

Not only beaches. In the center of the little city there’s a eighteenth century church dedicated to Madonna dell’Immacolata Concezione (Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception). Villa Florio is a neo-gothic building built in the second half of nineteenth century. In the peak of Santa Caterina’s mount there’s the fort of the same name.


Did you decided about what Egadi isle choose? Now you just have one thing to do: book in time you ferry trip to Sicily so that you can enjoy your holiday.


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