The 7 most beautiful beaches of Eolie islands: holiday in a dream place

eolie most beautiful beaches
We already gave you some suggestions about visiting Eolie islands. But you want to ask a question: what are the most beautiful beaches on Eolie islands? Because it’s not a holiday if you don’t see new and, obviously, unforgettable coasts.

The beaches on Eolie Islands have all the features your are looking for. In particular these seven.

  1. Spiaggia Bianca (Lipari). It can be reached both by feet and by sea. Its name (“White Beach”) comes from the white and immaculate pumice, that gave it the characteristic and spectacular white color. Finally, it should be enough to say that it’s one of the most beautiful beach in Sicily.
  2. Spiaggia di Pollara (Salina). Have you ever seen “Il postino” by Massimo Troisi? If no, you should do. If yes, you know what are we talking about: an expanse of dark stones and gravel with a wonderful sea on Salina island. It’s hard to find a more romantic beach.
  3. Spiaggia delle Fumarole (Vulcano). If you like dark beaches, this is one of the most crowded of Eolie Islands. Surrounded by mounts covered with Mediterranean scrub in contrast with the black of the sand. Its hot water, heated up by the volcano, can have really pleasant temperatures.
  4. Spiaggia di Forgia Vecchia (Stromboli). Another beach with black sand, characteristic that most Eolie Islands have. The small bay, where Forgia Vecchia is, can be reached only by feet.
  5. Alicudi Porto (Alicudi). If you want to see the beauties that its coast can offer, you should visit it by boat: you’ll admire small beaches and coves that will leave you breathless.
  6. Cala Junco (Panarea). It’s in the southern side of the island. You’ll see a little bay, a sort of amphitheater, delimited by particular rock formations. A great place.
  7. Capo Graziano (Filicudi). It’s a zone composed by small beaches made of pebbles and cliffs that plunge into the sea. The suggestion is to visit Capo Graziano by boat.

These are the 7 most beautiful beaches of Eolie islands. And, before you go, you’ll surely want  to know how to reach Eolie islands starting from the principal Sicilian cities.


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