The Etna Park: 8 excursions to discover the highest active volcano in Europe

Etna excursions

We already said how to get to Etna. Now, it is time for you to plan your visit to the highest active volcano in Europe. And you are also great trekking enthusiasts. In this regard, there are eight excursions that will allow you to enjoy hiking in the Etna Park.


1. Case Pirao – Monte Spagnolo

It is an easy ten-kilometre itinerary that takes three hours and begins in the territory of Randazzo. From here, you reach the monte Spagnolo area, where there is the largest beech tree forest of Etna.


2. Monte Nero degli Zappini

Another very easy path, just four kilometers long and it takes two hours. It begins in the plateau west of monte Vertone and offers you the best of Etna: lava fields, grottoes, woods, pines, pietre “cannone” (lava formations that surround the base of the trees).


3. Pista alto montana dell’Etna – Sentiero Italia

Those who want to walk along this route will have to be prepared to a very demanding 42-kilometre-long path that takes three days, from the gate of the demanio forestale regionale Feliciusa Milia to the caserma Pitarrone (in the Pineta Linguaglossa area). Along the way, there are several huts.


4. Sentiero natura monti Sartorius

On the north-eastern slope of Etna, one of the most fascinating of the park. It is a very easy itinerary, four kilometers in about two hours. Departure and arrival are at Citelli mountain hut.


5. Citelli – Serracozzo

It is a mountain fitness trail: in practice, excursion becomes a way to keep fit. It is a very demanding path, so it’s better to be prepared.


6. Piano dei Grilli

Easy but relatively long path, about 15 kilometers that takes seven hours. The starting and arrival points are at casermetta Piano dei Grilli, an area where hikers can see lava flows, volcanic sands, oak forests.


7. Pietracannone – Cubania – Sentiero Italia

Still an easy and short path, it’s four kilometers long. You leave and get to Paternò Castello hut. Along the path, you can admire, in addition to the typical Etna landscape, the so called “niviere”: rectangular pits where the snow was pressed and then brought to the valley during the summer months.


8. Schiena dell’Asino

It’s a short (only five kilometres long) but quire demanding path.


For further information about the excursions on Etna, you can visit website. And to discover the highest volcano in Europe, you just have to book a ferry to Sicily.


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