Gole dell’Alcantara: an excursion in Messina between rivers and lava stones

gole alcantara gluches

A long canyon crossed by a river of the same name. Created by the cooling of ancient lava rocks. This image gives a perfect idea of this place. These are the Gole dell’Alcantara. And, if you’re planning to do a trip near Messina, this is one of the excursions you can’t miss.

It’s one of the most beautiful and suggestive (and visited) place in this side of Sicily. It consists in a series of gorges which reach a height of 25 meters. The width goes from 4-5 meters to 2 meters in the narrowest points. Gorges represent a unique panorama.

Unique and apt for all kind of holidays. At the entrance of the gorges you can have a bath in the Alcantara river. While the most adventurous can do many excursions which will take to the most secret points of the gorges.

Reaching Gole dell’Alcantara from Messina is really easy:

  • Take the A18 motorway to Catania
  • Take the motorway exit to Giardini Naxos
  • Take the state highway 185 to Francavilla di Sicilia
  • After 13 kilometers, follow the road signs to Gole dell’Alcantara park

For further information about Gole dell’Alcantara (opening hours, guided visits, prices),you can visit the official website of the park, Golealcantara.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/antonio_fassina

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