Catania: 5 ideas for excursions among the sea and the volcano

excursions Catania

During a journey in Catania you will see many beautiful things. The souls of the Etna city are many: baroque, medieval, ancient, underground, just choose the path you prefer. But even the neighborhoods of the city are very fascinating. A province all to discover, following these five suggestions for your excursions to do during a Catania holiday:


1. Etna

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and is a symbol of entire Sicily. The craters, the Silvestri Mountains, the Montagnola, the various caves and the Bove Valley make for a very articulated, wild, brutal and at the same time suggestive landscape. If Etna is considered one of the most beautiful places in Sicily, there will be one reason.


2. Taormina

Famous as a beautiful resort located not far from Catania, reachable both by car and by train. Taormina offers many things to see but its main attractions make it truly unforgettable. These are two: the Greek theater and the beach of Bella Island.


3. Aci Castello

The symbol of the city is the homonymous castle, or its remains: it rises on a basaltic promontory overlooking the sea, accessible only through a masonry staircase. Another place of Aci Castello that you don’t miss is the Greek-Hellenistic necropolis which was to occupy an area of one hectare. And in the sea, far off, there are the shelters of Cyclops. The legend tells that these islands are the sandstones that Polifemo threw on the Ulysse’s ship that went far.


4. Caltagirone

Another place to visit during your holiday in the city of Etna, is Caltagirone. This is the city of the typical majolicas, the baroque buildings, the Santa Marina del Monte staircase.


5. Augusta

Two small bridges connect the mainland with an island that rises not far from the coast. Among many things to see in Augusta, at least the Spanish door, Saline and Megara Hyblaea are to be mentioned.


Five good ideas to do excursions starting from Catania. Now you can organize the holiday, and book your journey in ferry to the Sicily.


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