Excursions from Palermo: a stroll in the valleys of Parco delle Madonie

excursions palermo madonie

The sea and the culture are two of the main reasons that bring tourists in Palermo. But they’re not the only: the Sicilian capital city offers several ideas for some excursions. As the one in Parco delle Madonie.


The park

Almost 40 thousands hectares of extension, the 2% of the entire territory of Sicily: in other words, Parco delle Madonie is immense and will let you immerse in a green and untouched nature.

The park can be divided in three parts, and each of them has specific historic identity and geographic characteristics.

  • The valley of Imera settentrionale, the less inhabited of the park, is known for theriver of the same name
  • The valley of Imera meridionale and Salso, famous for its mountain culture
  • Pollina valley, which may be considered the most beautiful and interesting of the entire park

The park offers different kind of attractions: equipped areas, the Geopark, museums, paths and bridleways. And the paths are very appreciated from all the trekking and excursion lovers. While the equipped areas and the Geopark let the Parco delle Madonie be a great place to spend a holiday with your family.


How to reach

Reaching Parco delle Madonie from Palermo is very easy. All you have to do is:

  • Take the A19 motorway to Catania
  • Once you arrive in Buonfornello, follow the road signs to Scillato
  • Once you arrive in Scillato, follow the road signs to the park

The trip lasts about one hour and 40 minutes by car. We suggest to you to reach it with your car or motorbike, boarded on a ferry to Palermo.


More information

For further information about the excursion in Parco delle Madonie (opening times, excursions with expert guides, price), you can visit the official website of Parco ragionale naturale delle Madonie, Parcodellemadonie.it.


Image source: “Madonie montagna” di Martin Teetz – Opera propria. Con licenza Pubblico dominio tramite Wikimedia Commons

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