Five suggestions to spend the feast of the Assumption 2015 in Palermo

feast of the Assumption 2015 in Palermo

Are you among the lucky people who will spend their summer holidays in one of the most beautiful city of Italy (and not only). And you’ll be there even between August 14th and 15th. Do you need some good suggestion to spend the feast of the Assumption 2015 in Palermo?

We give you five ideas.


1. Swimming at midnight

It’s a must of every feast of the Assumption in Palermo and the 2015 won’t do an exception. At midnight, all the people in the beach of Mondello will have a bath, with the moon high in the sky. And then you have two possibilities: the classic bonfire on the beach or a party in a disco.


2. A walk through the historical markets

What can you do waiting for midnight? The first suggestion is to have a walk in the most old and authentic part of Palermo: the one with the historical markets. Like Ballarò, Vucciria, il Capo, Lattarini. Have a walk among the sounds, the scents, and  the colors of the markets, having a taste of the street food of Palermo.


3. Beaches in Palermo

You decided to keep the fun for the midnight. During the day you just want one thing: relax on a beach. So you should know what are the beaches in Palermo. There’s the already mentioned Mondello beach, and if you can go a bit far, there are the Carini and Termini Imerese ones.


4. Palermo and surroundings

The city is big and there are a lot of things to see and visit near Palermo. Some suggestions: there are Cefalù, the Parco delle Madonie, Isola delle Femmine. All great ideas for a one-day excursion (obviously coming back to Palermo in the evening to swim at midnight).


5. A bit of fun

It’s the last suggestion to spend this feast of the Assumption 2015 in Palermo. During this day there are several parties and events. Let’s have a walk in the central streets: you’ll surely find something that fits to your tastes.


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