Spending Ferragosto 2017 in Sicily: there are 3 cities to visit

Ferragosto 2017 in Sicily

Sicily is the destination of your summer vacation in 2017. You have planned everything. Almost. Because you have not yet decided how to spend the most important day of summer in Italy: of course, we are talking about Ferragosto.

We can give you some idea. Three, to be precise. Ideas that have one thing in common: in one day, visit one of the most beautiful cities of the whole island.


1. Palermo

The first idea to spend Ferragosto 2017 in Sicily could only be the capital city. Palermo has so much to offer in terms of history, art, nature, entertainment, and of course beaches, some of which are among the most beautiful of the island.

In one day, you can visit:

  • Ballarò;
  • Quattro Canti;
  • Fontana Pretoria;
  • Chiesa della Martorana;
  • Chiesa di San Cataldo;
  • Cattedrale;
  • Cappella Palatina.

And don’t forget that Addaura beach and Mondello beach, if you want to enjoy sun and sea, are easy to reach.


2. Catania

Catania is a city with many souls: baroque, roman, and medieval. Walking along its streets and squares is like discovering different cities.

And to spend this day in Catania, this is the itinerary to follow:

  • Piazza Duomo;
  • Centro storico;
  • Castello Ursino;
  • Giardino Bellini;
  • Via Etnea;
  • Chiesa di San Benedetto;
  • La città sotterranea.

If you prefer to relax, you have to know which are the most beautiful beaches in Catania, and choose your preferred one.


3. Messina

The third idea is visit the city on the Straits. Where, in one day, you can see:

  • Piazza della Repubblica;
  • Viale San Martino;
  • Piazza Cairoli;
  • Via Santa Cecilia;
  • Chiesa dei Catalani;
  • Chiesa del Carmine;
  • Piazza Duomo;
  • Orologio astronomico;
  • Fontana di Orione.


Did you choose the city you prefer to spend Ferragosto 2017 in Sicily? Now, we give you two last suggestions:

  • Usually, on the main beaches of these cities (such as Mondello in Palermo), there is a traditional plunge in the sea at midnight;
  • Booking the ferry to Sicily in advance, you can buy the cheapest tickets.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/macorig

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