Ferry to Sicily with car: what to know and how to do

ferry to Sicily with car

There is always a good reason to spend a vacation to Sicily. An ancient island, rich in history and culture, with an unforgettable sea. For your trip, you need to take a ferry to Sicily and book a parking space for your car. Here’s how to do.


1. Booking page

The first thing that you have to do is visit ferries to Sicily booking page and choose:

  • route
  • one way or return trip
  • dates (departure and return)
  • # of passengers


2. Vehicle

At this point, the booking form asks you if you have a vehicle with you. When you select this option, you must specify:

  • type and model of the vehicle
  • if the vehicle has a roof/rear carrier
  • if the vehicle has a trailer (trailer or caravan)


3. Compare

The reservation system gives you the different available solutions for the selected route and days. After choosing the most suitable solution (you can quickly compare the prices of the best companies), please fill in the fields of the booking form: the tickets will be sent by mail.


4. The day of departure

Booked the parking space of a car on the ferry to Sicily, now you just have to wait for the day of departure. During the journey, you can always get to your car and take suitcases and other things.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/alessandrogrussu

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