The Festa del Muzzuni: an ancient tradition of Alcara Li Fusi

Festa del Muzzuni


Alcara Li Fusi is a small and picturesque town in Nebrodi Park. For all hikers, it is an ideal place for a holiday. And if you want to plan your trip to discover one of the oldest and most famous traditions of this area, you have to be there on June 24th. When the Festa del Muzzuni will take place.

  1. The name. The name of the event refers to the so-called u muzzuni. It is a small neck jug, adorned with cloths and gold decorations. Inside the jug, are placed ears of barley, wheatears, lavender, carnations and laureddi (stems of wheat sprouted in the dark).
  2. The origin. The origin of the Festa del Muzzuni is very ancient. Indeed, it dates back to the propitiatory rites in Ancient Greece: it was an offer to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, made on the day of the summer solstice, to wish fertility to the earth and abundance of crops.
  3. The traditional event. The Festa del Muzzuni festival takes place every year on June 24th. On this day, in the streets are prepared special places: usually, they are small tables decorated with pizzare (characteristic carpets) on which neck jugs are placed. The event is enriched my folk songs that narrate scenes from rural life, courtships and unmatched love stories.
  4. The modern event. In the last years, the traditional event is accompanied by another one: for about three days, Alcara Li Fusi is enlivened by parades, conferences, presentations, tastings. It is also a great opportunity to hike in Nebrodi Park.
  5. Further information. For further information about the 2017 edition of the Festa del Muzzuni, you can visit Alcara Li Fusi municipality official website ( and the official fanpage of the event (


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