Fiera dei morti 2016 in Palermo: a popular Halloween tradition

  • Published: 3-10-2016
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Fiera dei morti Palermo 2016


The so-called Fiere dei morti are one of the deepest Halloween traditions in Sicily. They are organized in some of the main towns of the island. The Fair of the dead that every year is held in Palermo is one of the most important.

  • What. It is a great fair that consists of many colorful stalls, something that reminds the old Arab suk. On these stalls you can find everything from specialties to clothes. Of course, the typical desserts of the period, such as ossa ri muortu (biscuits made of flour, sugar and cinnamon), pupatelli (almond biscuits perfect with dessert wines), ‘nzuddi (biscuits with almonds, candied orange and cinnamon) and fruit of Martorana, can’t miss.
  • Where. Fiera dei morti of Palermo, in past editions, has been set up in different areas of the city. Some of the old locations are, for example, piazzale Giotto and rione San Pietro. Anyway, they’re very central and easily accessible places.
  • When. The Fiera dei morti usually takes place from October 27-28 to November 2. It can last a day or more.

There are no official news about the 2016 edition of the Fiera dei morti of Palermo yet. For more information, please visit the official website of the town of Palermo,


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