Grattare cave: the Befana’s legend

Grattara Cave 2014The legend tales that Grattara Cave, at Grattieri ( a small village near Palermo), is the Befana’s home, the old witch. According to the Sicilian tradition, the last night of the year, the witch, an old woman, delivers gifts to children.

A tradition that lives again in the Grattieri village. On 31st December night the old witch, usually a young boy that acts the part of Befana, comes out of the cave riding a donkey.

The old witch travel on a mountain path that leads to Grattieri village, together a cortege of people dressed in traditional clothes.

Arrived in the centre of the village the old witch delivers gifts, candies and sweets to the children.

The show finishes at midnight, according to the tradition, in the central place of Grattieri, with amazing fireworks. And it’s here that takes place the so-called vanniata di festi di l’annu: every important and interesting fact of the year, both local and national, are “tried” in the place.

Tradition and folklore joins in the legend of Befana and of Grattara cave. During this Christmas holidays live the magic of this amazing event.


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