The Greek-Hellenistic necropolis of Aci Castello: the story and the fascination

Hellenistic necropolis of Aci Castello


Not only a place to see: the Greek-Hellenistic necropolis of Aci Castello is a kind of story. Or a kind of proof of how ancient and fascinating this wonderful land is.

  • The story of the discovery. The necropolis was discovered during excavations for the construction of a primary school in the “Vigna vecchia” area, in the Fifties. Other finds were discovered in the Seventies and the late Nineties.
  • The ancient necropolis. Thanks to the analysis of the several finds, we know that the area was used as a cemetery since the Bronze Age. The Hellenistic necropolis was built near the west walls. It was very large, about one hectare.
  • The finds. Today, there are several finds of this ancient necropolis. The most important are: two decorated pyxes, fragments of bowls and skylights, a small head of deities, bronze nails, arrowheads, a bronze fibula.
  • Aci Castello. The area where there was the Greek-Hellenistic necropolis is only one of the several places to see in Aci Castello, such as the famous Norman castle, the wonderful Faraglioni dei Ciclopi (literally, “sea stacks of the Cyclops”) and the beaches of Acitrezza.


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