Here is how to reach Spiaggia dei Conigli: a magical place

spiaggia conigli beach reach

Swim in this sea will be like realizing an authentic dream. A dream that can become true: all you need to do is knowing how to reach the famous Spiaggia dei Conigli, on Lampedusa isle.


The beach

Why visit it? We can just say one thing: this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. And the photo here speaks by itself. It’s a small bay surrounded by two low rocky promontories which look like they’re hugging and protect it. The sand is pure white, simply perfect.

And then, there’s the sea, with its hues that goes from turquoise to azure, transparent like not so many in the world. A beach suggested for the ones who want to be immersed in an uncontaminated nature.


How to reach Spiaggia dei Conigli beach

The beach is on the south side of Lampedusa. If you want to reach this little isle you have two possibilities:

  • By plane: every day there are numerous flights from the principal airports in Sicily, like Catania and Palermo
  • By ferry: also in this case, there are numerous ferries that sail from the principal ports of Sicily every day

Once you arrive in Lampedusa:

  • Take the road to Capo Ponente
  • After about 6 kilometers, park the car/scooter
  • Take the path which is walkable just by feet
  • After a hundred meters, you’ll reach a terracing
  • From here there’s a slope of 400 meters that take to the beach


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