Historic districts of Palermo: the 5 most beautiful places in Palazzo Reale or Albergheria

the historic districts of Palermo: the Palazzo Reale or Albergheria


You have chosen to visit Palermo and need an itinerary. Therefore, we can help you. Because the historic districts of the Sicilian capital will give the opportunity to discover the most peculiar aspects of the city. And these are the five most beautiful places in Albergheria or Palazzo Reale, which you can see in one day.

  1. Palazzo dei Normanni. The first thing to see in Albergheria is the one that could be considered the symbol of the whole district. The Norman Palace (whose official name is the Royal Palace of Palermo) is one of the most visited monuments in Sicily: built in the Twelfth century, silent witness of a thousand years of history, it is a priceless example of Arab-Norman architecture in Sicily. The Maqueda courtyard and the Stanza di Ercole (literally, “Hercules room”) are some of the most beautiful parts.
  2. Cappella Palatina. It is located within the Norman Palace. You’ll visit one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. The Palatine Chapel is a small three-naves basilica dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. With its priceless mosaics, it is an architectural spectacle in gold and bronze.
  3. Ballarò. According to many, the most famous historical market of Palermo. Ballarò is a permanent market that extends from Casa Professa to bastions of corso Tukory. You’ll enjoy the sounds, colors and scents of the most “genuine” part of the Sicilian capital. Do not forget, while you’re here, to taste the typical Sicilian street food.
  4. Chiesa del Gesù. Also known as Casa Professa, it is a splendid Baroque church, the most important of Palermo and in Sicily. Completed in 1636, its interior is a succession of decorated chapels. The walls are adorned with marble marquetry, statues and arabesques.
  5. Villa Bonanno. It is a small park dedicated to Pietro Bonanno, mayor of Palermo. It is immediately recognizable by the large palm trees. In the park, there are other important things to see, such as “Keepers House” and the monument to Philip IV. A place suitable for a quiet and relaxing stroll.

These are the five places to see in Albergheria district in one day. If you still have a bit ‘of time available, there would also be palazzo Sclafani, Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti, porta Sant’Agata, the church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini and the church of San Francesco Saverio.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/albergheria

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