The historic districts of Palermo: 5 places to see in Castellammare or Loggia

the historic districts of Palermo: Castellammare or Loggia


It is delimited by Via Maqueda, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Cavour and Via Crispi. We are talking about the Loggia or Castellammare, one of the historic districts of Palermo. And these are the five best places to visit.

  1. Castello a Mare. The origin of one of the two names of the neighbourhood is the presence of so-called Castello a Mare (literally, “castle by the sea”), one of the most beautiful castles in Sicily. Built in the Ninth century, in Arab-Norman period, in 2009 this defensive structure was renovated and became the central part of the Parco archeologico del Castellammare (an archaeological park).
  2. Chiesa di San Domenico. It is located in the homonymous square. After the cathedral, it is the second most important church of Palermo. Built in Baroque style, its construction was completed in 1480. Divided into three naves, the inside is like an authentic casket containing chapels, statues, reliefs, and altars.
  3. La Cala. Between Via Francesco Crispi and the Foro Italico, there is a small gulf. Across the entrance of the port of Palermo (one of the main port where ferries to Sicily dock), it’s possible to visit the most ancient port of Palermo.
  4. Museo archeologico regionale. Named after Antonio Salinas (archaeologist and numismatist of Palermo), the finds in this archaeological museum narrate centuries of Sicilian history, from the Phoenicians to the Etruscans through the ancient Romans. Some of the finds come from famous archaeological sites such as Motya and Megara Hyblaea.
  5. Chiesa di Sant’Eulalia dei Catalani. This church is near Vucciria, one of the historic markets of Palermo.

Although these are the five most beautiful places of the historic district of Loggia in Palermo, they are certainly not the only ones to see: this visit could be completed by palazzo Moncada di Paternò (a palace), loggia San Bartolomeo, teatro Biondo (a theatre), oratorio del rosario di Santa Cita (an oratory), chiesa di Santa Maria del Piliere o degli Angelini (a church).


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