Discover the most “authentic” part of Palermo: the 5 historical markets

historical markets in Palermo

Immerse yourself in the most “authentic” atmosphere of the Sicilian capital city. Discovering colours and sounds of its people, to feel the scent of traditional spices and foods. An experience that will make your holiday truly unforgettable. Take a tour to discover the five historical markets of Palermo.


1. Ballarò

One of the must-see places to visit Palermo in one day. The market is held from piazza Casa Professa to the bastions of corso Tukory. It is, with Vucciria, one of the oldest markets in Palermo. Visited every day by hundreds of people, in a multicultural neighbourhood, it is enlivened by the quirky voices of sellers.


2. Vucciria

Once it was covered by arches, today it is completely uncovered. Originally, Vucciria was a meat shop, and now it’s possibile to find everything. The market is held in piazza Caracciolo and its surroundings. A mixture of loud voices, scents of food and spices, carts. Even here, as in Ballarò, you can taste the typical Palermo street food.


3. Il Capo

In the heart of the old town centre. The name Il Capo is the same for the market and the neighbourhood where market is held. This is where the visitor can literally see an “animated picture” where the characteristics of the city of Palermo are represented: the voices, the colours, and the stalls.


4. Mercato delle pulci

It is held near the cathedral of Palermo, near Papiretto square, in a very central area.


5. Lattarini

It is an old Arabic market that takes place in the medieval district of Kalsa. The origin of the name is Suq el attarin, that means “spice market”. And, indeed, Lattarini is known, mainly, for the sale of spices.


A visit to the historical markets of Palermo is the necessary conclusion of your vacation. Are you ready to go? Now, you just have to book your ferry to Sicily.


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