Palermo in 4 days: a visit to the charming historical districts of the city

Historical Palermo districts


In Palermo, there is a very special place. It’s called the Quattro Canti: it is an octagonal square marked by four symmetrical architectural perspectives. From here, from this charming place, you can reach the historical districts of the Sicilian capital. To be seen one a day during your next vacation.


1. Albergheria o Palazzo Reale

In this historical district, among the most famous of the Sicilian capital, there are also some of the most beautiful places in Palermo: in particular, there are Palazzo dei Normanni, the Cappella Palatina and Ballarò, colored, picturesque and noisy market where you can taste the delicious Sicilian street food.

The itinerary to visit the Albergheria o Palazzo Reale.


2. Kalsa

The Lattarini market is another of the historical districts of Palermo. From there you can start to discover the medieval soul of the Kalsa district of Palermo. It was a Fatimid citadel dating back to the tenth century A.D. which still retains several elements. There are several religious buildings, such as the Chiesa della Trinità and the Church of San Nicolò dei Greci.

But the most characteristic element of the Kalsa of Palermo is represented by so-called rue or wrinkles: ancient and small alleys that connected the different districts of the city.


3. Monte di Pietà or Seralcadio

The origin of its name is Sari al Cadì, the most evident proof of the fact that its foundation dates back to the Arab domination. This district is also known by the name of Capo, a market that takes place here. And Monte di Pietà or Seralcadio is dominated by the imposing bulk of Palermo’s famous Cathedral, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Maria Assunta.

The itinerary to visit the Monte di Pietà or Seralcadio.


4. Castellammare or Loggia

Among Maqueda street, Vittorio Emanuele avenue, Cavour street and Crispi street there is the fourth historical districts of Palermo. Its symbol, in a sense, can be considered the Castello a Mare (from which the name of the neighborhood), an ancient castle. While the most enchanting panorama is offered by the port of Cala.

The itinerary to visit Castellammare or Loggia.


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