An unforgettable holiday in Favignana: 5 things you should know

holiday in Favignana

Look at this picture and you will understand why it’s a so loved destination, especially during Summer. And it will be your next destination. But, before you book the trip, there are five things that you need to know to live a perfect holiday in Favignana.


1. How to get there

Favignana is one of the most beautiful Egadi Islands. This small archipelago is located in the province of Trapani. Every day, especially in Summer, several ferries reach Favignana from the port of Trapani.

To get to Trapani, you have several solutions, such as train, car, ferry and bus. In particular, Trapani is well connected with the Sicilian capital and Favignana might be a good idea for an excursion during a holiday in Palermo.


2. Most beautiful beaches

This is the main reason for which, every year, many visitors choose this island for a holiday. Favignana has the beach that you desire: sand, pebbles, rocks, not crowded. In addition, there are several caves to see during a boat trip.

Do you need to know which are the most beautiful? Cala Rossa is the most famous and visited. Other wonderful beaches are Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone, Cala Rotonda, Cala Marasolo and Cala Graziosa.


3. Diving

The sea of Favignana is heavenly even under the surface. The sea bottom is full of life and will delight every diver. Don’t forget your diving suit. And some of best dive sites of Favignana are:

  • isola Galeotta
  • cala Rotonda
  • secca del Toro
  • scoglio Corrente


4. What to see

The beaches and the sea are not the only things to see on this island. The Eighteenth-century church dedicated to Madonna dell’Immacolata Concezione is located in the centre of Favignana. In Favignana there is also Villa Florio, a neo-Gothic building. On top of monte Santa Caterina there is the homonymous massive fort.


5. Where to stay

For this holiday in Favignana, the last thing that you should know is where to stay. There are two different solutions depending on the type of vacation you would like to live:

  • if Favignana will be only a stage of a journey to discover the western coast of Sicily, the advice is to stay in Trapani
  • but if you are going to enjoy the island, in the village of Favignana you will find different types of accommodation, from hotels to B & B


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