Holy Week 2015 in Palermo: the ritual and the tradition

  • Published: 25-02-2015
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Holy Week 2015 PalermoIt is the culmination of devotion and religion for all the people of Palermo. Days focused on the commemoration of the last days of Jesus. The Holy Week in Palermo is made of ancient rituals and liturgies, preserved over the centuries. And the most important moments are four.

Palm Sunday – The rituals of Holy Week in Palermo begin on this day. The different parishes in the city organize a representation with the parish who, on the back of donkey, is welcomed to the temple with olive branches and palm braid. A representation that recalls the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Holy Thursday – is one of the most vivid of Holy Week. After the liturgical celebrations of the day, are set up Saints Tomb in various churches of the city: Palermo devotees honor the Dead Christ with their visit. In the old days, after dinner, the families visited three Tomb, symbol of the Trinity.

Holy Friday – The events that ended with the Crucifixion took place precisely on Friday. In the various parishes is staging the re-enactment of the last hours of Jesus. It appears the figure of Our Lady of Sorrows, which in the streets of the historic center of Palermo follows the simulacrum of the Dead Christ, followed by thousands of faithful in a procession.

Easter – This brings us to the day of Easter, a time when the sacred meets the profane. Sunday Mass is a major event. But this is a day of celebration for the people of Palermo. A day that is celebrated even (if not especially) at the table, tasting recipes and desserts of the tradition.

This is the Holy Week 2015 in Palermo. A moment enriched by other rites, ancient and by the deep meaning. A chance to enjoy an holiday to Sicily and plunge into the deepest and alive religious traditions of this land.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/claudiadentice

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