Sicily: the 5 most important days of the Holy Week 2016 in Palermo

  • Published: 8-02-2016
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Holy Week 2016 in Sicily: Palermo

The most important days are 5. During which devotion and religiosity of the people of Palermo reach their peak. Holy Week 2016 is a real, ancient ritual.


1. Palm Sunday (March 20)

This is the “starting day” of Holy Week 2016. In the several parishes of the city, the priest riding a donkey is welcomed by parishioners with palms and olive branches: it is a representation of Jesus in the temple.


2. Holy Thursday (March 24)

It is the day of the Holy Sepulchers in the evening, after the liturgical celebrations that take place during the rest of the day: after dinner, the families of Palermo have to visit three Sepulchers at least, symbol of the Trinity.


3. Good Friday (March 25)

One of the most important moments of the Holy Week in Palermo. This is the day when the Passion of Christ took place. Palermo celebrates it with a procession that takes place in the streets of the old town center of Sicilian capital city: the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows follows the statue of the Dead Christ.


4. Holy Saturday (March 26)

The longest religious rite of Holy Week in Palermo is the so-called liturgia della luce (“liturgy of light”): a fire of olive branches lights an Easter candle, symbol of the Risen Christ.


5. Easter (March 27)

It’s the last day of Holy Week 2016 in Palermo. On the day of Easter, the sacred meets the profane: after the Sunday Mass, it’s time to taste the typical recipes and the sweets prepared only during Easter.


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