Favignana island: how to get to Cala Rossa

how to get to Cala Rossa Favignana

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily. Do you really need any other reason to see Cala Rossa, on the island of Favignana? There is only one thing: you don’t know how to get to this beautiful beach.

The beach – You can admire the beach in all its beauty in this photo. It is a rocky amphitheater that slopes gently toward the sea, turquoise and incredibly transparent. A part of the beach is rocky, another part is sandy.

How to get to Favignana – To reach the island of Favignana you have to take one of the hydrofoils from Trapani, easily reachable from Palermo, or a ferry departing from Palermo: these are the two best solutions. It is recommended to have a private vehicle, car or motorcycle.

Ho to get to Cala Rossa – Once you are on Favignana island, to arrive in Cala Rossa you have to:

  • leave the town of Favignana
  • follow the north coastal road of the island
  • arrive at the crossroads where Cala Rossa is indicated
  • drive for almost two kilometers
  • arrive at a panoramic point
  • follow the path that leads up to the beach.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jusef

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