How to get to Scala dei Turchi from the city of Catania

Scala dei Turchi how to get there from Catania


It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily. You are spending a holiday along the east coast. And want to see this place. So, now you need to know: how to get to Scala dei Turchi from Catania?


The beach

It is a spectacle of nature. Scala dei Turchi is a white cliff overlooking the sea between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle, near Agrigento. Wind, sea and weather have shaped it. The cliff is “protected” by two white sand beaches. You can get to the top through a limestone rock formation in the shape of a staircase.

From the top of Scala dei Turchi, the view is breathtaking.


How to get there from Catania:

  • Take A19 motorway towards Palermo;
  • Follow the road signs to Caltanissetta;
  • Drive on state highway 640 to Maddalusa;
  • From Maddalusa take state highway 115;
  • Follow the road signs to Punta grande and Scala dei Turchi.

The journey by car takes about two hours.


The holiday continues


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